Custom Lamborghini Aventador For Sale in Dubai

Custom Lamborghini Aventador For Sale in Dubai


Tired of looking in Craigslist for your next new car? I have quite the solution for you – Al Ain Motors in Dubai has listed an amazing Mansory Lamborghini Aventador that will knock your socks off.

The first question is one of rarity – Lamborghini is only planning on selling about 600 of these units, at a cool $400K U.S. and when you get Mansory involved, the sky really is the limit.

The downside of a listing in Dubai is that we can’t really be sure of what Mansory has done to the Aventador in question. When an owner drops off their new Lamborghini at Mansory, they can get a whole list of goodies – two turbocharges alongside new pistons, connecting rods, rod bearings and more resulting in a total of 1600 hp and an electronically-limited peak torque figure of 1200 Nm. And that is just what they can do internally. Externally, the sheer amount of coach options can run the gamut.

That’s a lot of go in an already fast car. Remember, stock, this car rolls on about 700 horsepower. In either instance, here’s what we know for sure about this car- The subtle yet aggressive body kit goes fantastically well with the red color and the wheels make the car look aggressive and well-planted. Other touches such as the veins on the rear grille and the rear spoiler add more character and presence to the car. The car itself is a 2012 with 9,010 miles on it. While the exterior mods are obvious we can’t know for sure if the 6.5-liter V12 was touched.

So even if the powerplant hasn’t been touched, you can still see that Mansory did a number on the interior and exterior of the chassis. At the front, the car features a new carbon fiber bumper utilizing carbon air intake surrounds and two new carbon elements on either side. A different bonnet with slits has also been installed while at the rear there are carbon fiber side skirts and a beautifully executed sawblade style set of silver and black wheels. At the back of the car, a large carbon wing, diffuser and new air vents shaped to mimic the taillights of the Aventador give an already beautiful car the look as though it was going 200 standing still. The price is on request so we don’t know how much it costs exactly but judging by the fact that it’s is a beautifully executed Mansory supercar, we think it’ll sell for quite a lot.

And it won’t be in Craigslist.

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