Dubbed Bilgin 263

Dubbed Bilgin 263


Nothing says more about a millionaire than a yacht. This is why Bilgin Yachts has just announced its latest superyacht that is ordered privately. Built in turkey, this will be the largest yacht in the country. The construction will begin in March 2016, and as fast as possibly estimated, it will be finished in 2019.

Dubbed Bilgin 263 is going to 80 meters in length and will be the third one ordered from a dedicated custom of Bilgin Yachts. Turkey’s finest naval architecture company Unique Yacht Design, lived up to its reputation with the unique design of the 263 model. It will have a sleek, modern and a really bold design.

To name some key features of luxury that this model will offer is its small spa outside on the top level just outside of the pilothouse. A dedicated dining area encompassing a huge foredeck lounge really gets the attention. The interior of the yacht is promised to be as close to perfection as the exterior by the same Unique Yacht Design. The top speed of the yacht is supposed to be almost 18 knots. A real piece for a millionaire to own.