Keonigsegg Agera RS: See what it’s made off

Keonigsegg Agera RS: See what it’s made off


Koenigsegg’s two new supercars were revealed at the 2015 Geneva show: Koenigsegg Regera and Koenigsegg Agera RS. Honestly, Koenigsegg is something else entirely, they build immensely powerful and agile cars, which makes it a really scary ride for amateurs and a dream come true for speedsters.

The Koenigsegg Agera R is a popular super car, but the Swedish company has come up with a faster version that is Agera RS. It is lighter than the earlier version and has gained extra down-force, under-body aero bits, extra winglets and an active rear wing that generates 485kgs of down-force at 250kmph. The bodywork, supreme aerodynamics, the wheels, cool interior and the trademark Koenigsegg doors make this car look exquisite and space age and there’s highly sophisticated exposed weave carbon fiber on almost every surface the eyes can see on the Agera RS.  The RS is the 5th in the Agera line, with a width of 2050 mm, length of 4293 mm, a height of 1120 mm and has a total frontal area of 1.87m square which can be electronically attuned with option active and self-leveling chassis package.

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From an engineering perspective Agera RS is a beast, with a 5.0L twin turbo V8 engine this super car spits out 1160 horses and does zero to 186mph in 14 seconds. Koenigsegg has been playing with hydraulics, the car is full of these, all the bodywork opens hydraulically, the bonnet, the engine cover and the door as well, you can also open all these from a remote or from your smart phone. Likewise, the vigorous suspension is hydraulically stimulated, same as the top mounted active rear wing, which can be withdrew totally within the car’s body.

The best thing and also the worst thing about Agera RS is that Koenigsegg plans to make only twenty five of these beauties and it’s really amazing that ten cars were sold before the car’s launch show!