Pagani Huayra Dinastia Limited Edition

Pagani Huayra Dinastia Limited Edition


The special limited edition of Pagani Huayra Dinastia limited made its official debut in china last week. This special edition was restricted to only three units and it came with some personalized features which sets it apart from any other normal car.

The special edition of PaganiHuayraDinastia was produced mainly to celebrate the take-off of paganiAutomotive Limited in China. In the whole of Asia, the first set of the cars on display shows that the exterior is made of a blue carbon fibre and an image of Baxtia; the water-floating dragon. In addition, the production of a gold carbon dinastia will follow suit. This has the image of Yazi, the dragon with the golden armor. The final production along this line is the red carbon dinastia adorned with Chiwen, the rain causing and fire protecting dragon.

As portrayed on the image of the blue dinastia, the Huayradinastia is certainly different from any ordinary car. For instance, it has different skirts on the sides and it as well has the fore- mention dragon motifs covering both sides, furthermore it has an Italian flag brightly painted close to the bonnet. The most noticeable special feature of the Dinastia though arguably is the carbon fiber side fin connected to the decklid with blue finishes of the Italian flag.

In the interior of the car, the tradition touch is upheld with the black leather and the bluish alcantara beautifying the seats together with the blue distinct stitches. The vehicle’s model name and the chine national symbol are stitched to the headrest. The steering and the dashboard both contain the blue and black leather as well as the black carbon fiber. Far from the attractive body, the paganiHuayraDinastia uses an equal power train like the regular car. Therefore, its twin and fast AMG 6.0-litres V12 engine provides about 730 horse power.