Prestige Auto Care Launches in LA and Helps Consumers Skip The Weekly...

Prestige Auto Care Launches in LA and Helps Consumers Skip The Weekly Car Wash!


31yp9ha6zvlOn a mission to help car owners keep their cars looking like they just rolled off the showroom floor, Prestige Auto Care announces its official launch. Providing the marketplace with high-end car detailing products, the company launches with a dust/dirt removal solution. Prestige has devised a way for consumers to skip the weekly car wash with their new wax-free car duster. The car duster picks up fine dirt and dust safely with just one quick pass to eliminate grunge and dirt.

Prestige Auto Care Car Dusters are made with a chenille microfiber that uses an electrostatic charge to bond the dust to the fiber. This allows the car duster to literally pick up all the dirt in one simple swipe. Leaving no dust tracks behind, consumers can use the car-detailing tool for months before having to wash it. Then, due to its wax-free composition, it can then be easily washed and used again and again.

Max Leahy, President of Prestige Auto Care, said of the launch of his company, “I couldn’t be happier to launch this company because of our commitment to quality and the environment. Consumers nationwide, particularly in dusty climates, need a duster for cars that works well. A California car duster for instance is a necessity year-round. Max claims his new car duster works much better than the California Dusters.   As quoted by the company’s owner “This car duster is better than the California Car Duster!”

His new duster leaves no wax coating behind like the California Car Duster does. It’s also a water saver and that’s especially helpful during the drought we’re experiencing in California. Just dusting a car and not wasting precious water at the car wash is a great choice for weeks on end. “It saves water, time and money.”


All Prestige Auto Care products are “Socially Sourced”, they don’t create the wheel they make the wheel better. They find products that consumers need, spend countless hours pouring over the reviews of those products and figure out ways to improve upon them. They provide only the highest quality of products and service to our customers. Each Prestige Auto Care Product is hand inspected in the USA before being sent to the customer.


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About Prestige Auto Care:
Prestige Auto Care is based in Los Angeles, California and provides the marketplace with ultra-premium auto care and auto accessory products. Their most recent launched product is the Prestige Auto Care Dash Duster.

A few of their stellar reviews for their Premium Car Duster include:


“Well, my California Car Duster finally got to the point where it was leaving marks on my car rather than cleaning the dust off of it. It worked great for years, so I can’t complain. I could have gotten another one and been satisfied, but I wanted to see what else was out there. After reading reviews for several similar products, I’m glad I went with the Prestige Premium Car Duster.”


“We bought one for our ’55 Chevy & liked it so much we bought another one for the ’67 Chevelle. Works better than the California car duster.”


“The electrostatic microfiber brush performs well. It brushes all areas of our car easily and smoothly and the results that appear are eye catching. We purchased one for each of our 2 cars and leave it in the back for quick access. Well made product with an extended reach.”

I’ve been a user of the California Car Duster for several years, but mine finally reached a point where it needed to be replaced. I was curious about what other options were out there, so I ended up going with this one after reading many reviews. I actually prefer the Prestige over the CA duster for a few reasons: It’s lighter, which allows me to finish the job faster, it doesn’t leave any streaks, the telescoping handle works great for the hood and roof, and the 360 degree coverage makes it so I don’t have to worry about holding it in the right position, also decreasing the time it takes to wipe down the car.”

“Bought this on a whim and it met my expectations. I love the fact that it comes in it’s own bag and it even has instructions about cleaning the duster (hand-wash only, no washing machine). I have a Subaru WRX Hatchback, so this product is easy to use throughout my whole car. The handle may possibly be too short for the bigger SUVs or Trucks, but it should be reasonable for most people. Duster material is a soft, but firm microfiber and the handle is grippy foam. I would only recommend using this product on lightly dusty cars or else you may introduce light scratches to your car’s clear coat due to other contaminants (bird poop, tree sap, thick dust, etc). If you’re not the type to care too much about keeping your car’s paint super pristine, then this product will save you a lot of time and effort from doing frequent car washes and detailing. The price is a little high for me, but can be worth it if this duster holds up for many years.”


“After reading a million reviews on amazon and other sites, I decided to go with this rather than the classic california duster, Since this does not need any break in period and comes with a plastic cover, its a no brainer. Works like a charm on my S2000. Don’t want anything but the best for my new ride! I think this is it!
I also love the fact that this can be used in any direction (360 degree coverage) no fuss! This hasn’t come undone on me like some others have reported, maybe they got a faulty piece, and this also hasn’t put any streaks on my car ever since i started using it! Love it and cannot recommend enough!
Keep your cars Dust Free and Clean! Love It!”

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