Salt Lake City Mansion

Salt Lake City Mansion


Built in 1997, in the beautiful land of Salt Lake City, stands the magnificent mansion that is surely the most unique building that doesn’t let anyone pass by without gazing at it with wonder. It went under extensive redesign and now, even more than before, it is of beauty that would certainly be called nothing less than the extraordinary.

Consisting of five huge bedrooms, and no less than seven sassy bathrooms, this marvelous house stands on a land comprising 1.75 acre located at 661 N Saddle Hill Road. With Spanish granite imported and spectacularly used in designing the exterior of the house and the interior shouts out luxury. The house is built of red iron steel.

Several outdoor living spaces on the ground level make the perfect outlet for air. And the house also has a swimming pool with diving boards. With a heated driveway and sidewalks and not to mention the huge space for a garage specifically set for classical and exotic cars for showoff. And for families, there is a waterfall and stream feature and also a children’s playground.

Archways that give the house a great look lined with dark wooden floors are one of the most attractive things inside the house. The massive bar and pool room is the best selling point of the house. Also included are chef’s kitchen, private movie theatre, butler’s pantry, a corner office overlooking the city are all the best things a person wants in a luxurious house.8-million-salt-lake-city-mansion-for-sale 8-million-salt-lake-city-mansion-for-sale1 8-million-salt-lake-city-mansion-for-sale2 8-million-salt-lake-city-mansion-for-sale3 8-million-salt-lake-city-mansion-for-sale6 8-million-salt-lake-city-mansion-for-sale9 8-million-salt-lake-city-mansion-for-sale10 8-million-salt-lake-city-mansion-for-sale12 8-million-salt-lake-city-mansion-for-sale13 8-million-salt-lake-city-mansion-for-sale14 8-million-salt-lake-city-mansion-for-sale17

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