Sveti Superyacht

Sveti Superyacht


Most of us are used to the same old yacht designs with their prominent bows and stem sections with the same on sea and underwater living spaces. But the good news is, we don’t have to have the same design all over again. Italy’s design studio Pastrovich has arrived on an entirely new concept dubbed the Sveti Superyacht.

The design, particularly, is of the essence. It looks more like a really advanced spaceship rather than your normal traditional yacht. The point of this unique design is that it really provides strength to the overall yacht and also reduces the built in cost of the whole project. It also takes the look of the yacht to a whole new level by having everything stretching out right to the edge of the ship.

The top level of the cabin makes use of the huge windows, the tall ceilings and not to mention the great relaxation areas for the comfort of the passengers. The second level is entirely based on a wide selection of bedrooms and living spaces. The third level interior is kind of like the same as the second, but because it is below the water, it provides under water thick windows in the bedrooms and the spa rooms.

The lower deck is where the magic happens. Including the wine cellars and bars, it really becomes the most desired place. So the rear deck is the key selling point of the superyacht. It has so much room even after we exclude the three large swimming pools that you can compete with some high profile resorts and hotels.